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We are Muffler Specialists

Need a new muffler? We repair mufflers and replace mufflers and exhaust systems like no one else. That's why it's in our name. We'll fix your muffler or replace your muffler for the best price in the Aurora area.

The Exhaust Works also offers exhaust repair and custom exhaust systems for individuals, dealerships...and corporate fleets too!  Our family-owned Montgomery location provides full service to dealers, car dealerships and fleet vehicles. Our high capacity lifts handle motor homes, school buses, large trucks and limousines (up to a 300 inch wheel base and 22,000 GWT).

You'll be amazed at what a difference your new muffler or high-performance muffler is going to make. No matter what you need for your car, you're always going to get exceptional car repair service and muffler service from The Exhaust Works.


  • Muffler Repair, Muffler Replacement

  • Muffler Fitting and Muffler Welding

  • High-performance Mufflers

  • Custom Mufflers, Custom Exhaust

  • Single and Dual Exhaust System

  • Dual Mufflers / Single Muffler

  • Muffler Pipe Replacement

  • Catalytic Converters too

  • School Bus Mufflers / School Bus Exhaust System

  • Motor Home RV Mufflers / Motor Home RV Exhaust

  • Large Truck Mufflers / Large Truck Exhaust

  • Limousine Mufflers / Limousine Exhaust System

All Mufflers, Custom Mufflers, The Exhaust Works, Montgomery, IL



Check out our excellent Reviews and Contact Us at The Exhaust Works in the Aurora, IL and Montgomery, IL area for: muffler work, muffler repair, muffler replacement, commercial muffler and custom muffler needs. 



We Stand Behind Everything We Do

All Mufflers, Custom Mufflers, The Exhaust Works, Montgomery, IL
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