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At The Exhaust Works, we want our customers to feel safe and comfortable in their vehicle. You can trust our mechanics with your brake repair. Whether you need new brake shoes, new brake pads, calipers, brake rotors, and other brake repair or brake replaced, we'll get the job done right on your brake service. Our mechanics can repair and replace front and rear brake systems and all accompanying brake components: brake pads, brake shoes, parking brakes, wheel bearings, ABS, rotors, drums, brake hoses and hydraulic systems. The Exhaust Works fixes brakes for our customers in Aurora, IL,  Montgomery, IL, and the surrounding areas in Fox Valley.

Brake Pad and Brake Shoe Replacement

Need your brakes done? Brake shoes and pads can last 50,000 mile on some cars and as little as 10,000 miles on others. Brakes squeaking? Brakes grinding? Come see our mechanics at The Exhaust Works to determine the best brake repair service for your car. 

Wheel Bearings & ABS

A wheel bearing isn’t often considered an ABS component, but it directly involves it and if failed, will throw the system into error mode. If a wheel bearing is significantly worn to the point where the wheel can wobble about its axis, more than likely your ABS light is on. Our mechanics will do wheel bearing diagnosis and, if necessary, wheel bearing replacement. Wheel bearings should always be inspected when the brakes on your car are serviced. At The Exhaust Works, we are thorough with brake service.

Brake Hose Replacement

A brake hose should be replaced at the first sign of wear and tear. As the age of the vehicle goes goes up, so does the need for replacing the brake component parts. A failed hose can be dangerous. Bring your car to The Exhaust Works and let our mechanics inspect all components of your brakes. 

Check out our excellent Reviews and Contact Us at The Exhaust Works in the Aurora, IL and Montgomery, IL area for brake repair and brake replacement.



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